Kaddas Enterprises, Inc. is the Industry Leader in Wildlife and Asset Protection ~ we manufacture more than 280 BirdguarD™ products used by Power Utility companies around the globe to mitigate wildlife caused power outages for Substation, Distribution & Transmission equipment. Best of Class products, installation and training support is available. BirdguarD™ products are effective, efficient and extremely durable in all weather conditions. We manufacture parts for customers throughout the world; with an in-house design team developing practical solutions for every client need.

100% Made in the USA, by choice.

From Varmints to Raptors, BirdguarD™ has you covered to KEEP THE METERS RUNNING.

BirdguarD™ Product line is the industry leader in Wildlife Caused Power Outage Protection. We’re proud partners with many International groups & Power Utility companies around the world, all sharing a common goal of realizing uninterrupted service, associated cost savings and reliability.


“We are continually challenged to deliver new solutions that improve the reliability of our equipment for our end customers.  Partnering with Kaddas has allowed us to leverage their expertise in order to offer a wider array of solutions to meet our customers growing need to reduce wildlife related outages.  Kaddas has been a great supplier and design partner on developing new solutions for our customer specific applications.  We look forward to partnering with them on future projects!”

Matt Pfeifer
Senior Engineer – Overhead ETO

Power Systems Division

“Fantastic job Kaddas. You really came through for us, saved the day. Great job!”

David Ruszkiewicz
Overhead Switch Gear Design Engineer
Cooper Power Systems – Eaton

“Kaddas was receptive and creative in producing a product to meet our specific needs. Overall, I think the covers look fantastic! We have not had a power outage, since the covers have been installed. Thanks to the folks at Kaddas for working with us on this project.”

Brian Kollman
Operations Manage
Columbia Basin Electric Cooperative

Kaddas BirdguarD receives Material Accreditation from CFE / LAPEM ~ Laboratorio de Pruebas de Equipos Y Materiales.

November 8, 2011

“I have attached some photos that were taken today of the Kaddas pin and insulator covers, these were installed about four years ago for trial. I do not see any obvious signs of tracking or deterioration. More importantly, they are still in the air. This is one of our worst case areas for weather, including wind and ice loading, as well as heat.”

Thank you,
Paul Alvarado
Construction Standards Administrator, Electric Distribution Engineering
San Diego Gas & Electric

“At Kodiak Electric Association, Inc we experience an influx of hundreds of bald eagles in the winter along the fish processing area of Kodiak. Being located on an island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean we receive the full force of Pacific storms with high winds, rain, snow, and significant salt contamination. All of which makes for a challenging environment to operate an electrical distribution system and provide some means of protecting the bald eagles.
We have successfully piloted Kaddas conductors and insulator cover ups the past year or so with good success.”

“We are pleased with the Kaddas product and the value it provides the members of our cooperative.”

Bob Coates
Manager, Operations and Engineering
Kodiak Electric Association
Kodiak, AK 99615

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