Installation Videos

KE1183 Universal Cutout Cover 

KE1162-03 Low Profile Line Cover installation 

Kaddas Snapfit BirdguarD – Line Cover Installation 

KE1192_Casco ANTI-GUANO 

Kaddas BirdguarD™ KE1192 Streamer Shield 

Low Profile_Hendrix Vice Top Cover Installation 

Kaddas BirdguarD™ KE1187 01 Double Arm Double Glass Line Cover w/ Side Tie Insulator 

Modifying BirdguarD™ Graduated Ends to Fit Conductor Size 

Adding Extension Arms to Birdguard™ Line Protector Center 

Swing Plate Triangle ~ Prior to Installing try this Trick! 

Kaddas Swing Plate Triangle 

Kaddas Arrester Cover w/ Optional Feed Thru 

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