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Kaddas BirdguarD™ Products Pass IEEE Standard 1656-2010 For Wildlife Protective Device

The scope of IEEE Standard 1656-2010 is for wildlife protective products that are installed on overhead electrical distribution systems rated up to and including 38kV.  This standard provides test recommendations regarding these products that are in direct contact or in the proximity of energized parts and conductors.


Category Part Tested IEEE Standard Section Tested
5.3 5.8 5.9.3 5.10
Line Protector KE1162-03 PASS >= 90% (Dry) PASS PASS PASS < 100 µV
Cutout Cover KE1183 PASS >= 90% (Wet) PASS PASS PASS < 100 µV
Dead End Cover KE1113 PASS >= 90% (Dry) PASS PASS PASS < 100 µV
Bushing Cover KE1501 PASS >= 90% (Wet) PASS PASS PASS < 100 µV


Section 5.3 – Wet Power Frequency Flashover

Section 5.8 – Retention Testing

Section 5.9.3 – High Current Test (Power Arc)

Section 5.10 – Radio-Influence Voltage Test



Kaddas Enterprises Receives Utah’s Green Business Award

November 2011

Congratulations, Kaddas Enterprises has been named a Utah Business 2011 Green Business award winner for Corporate Achievement for products, processes and practices that promote sustainability and businesses that have changed or enhanced practices and goals to reduce their environmental impact.

Every year, 18% of all power outages are caused by animals and are considered an avoidable outage, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.