Company Priorities

A Win-Win Philosophy

At Kaddas Enterprises, we view each contract as an opportunity to create superior products resulting in a win-win solution. From the quality materials we use to the attention to detail we provide, Kaddas delivers unparalleled manufacturing services. We are committed to remaining flexible in our approach in order to provide the best solution for clients. Our goal is to provide a quick turnaround while maintaining the highest quality.

Employee Satisfaction

At Kaddas, we value and cultivate the creativity and capabilities of each employee, and are committed to providing health insurance, pension, and a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. This environment has been the hallmark of our success, resulting in low turnover and a strong, knowledgeable team.


Community, Recycling, & Sustainability

Kaddas is dedicated to the improvement of the local community by recycling, volunteering and working with non-profits. In 2008, we recycled 32 tons of scrap plastic.


"Fantastic job Kaddas. You really came through for us, saved the day. Great job."

David Ruszkiewicz
Overhead Switchgear Design Engineer

"At Kodiak Electric Association, Inc we experience an influx of hundreds of bald eagles in the winter along the fish processing area of Kodiak. Being located on an island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean we receive the full force of Pacific storms with high winds, rain, snow, and significant salt contamination. All of which makes for a challenging environment to operate an electrical distribution system and provide some means of protecting the bald eagles. We have successfully piloted Kaddas conductors and insulator cover ups the past year or so with good success. We are pleased with the Kaddas product and the value it provides the members of our cooperative."

Bob Coates
Kodiak Electric Association, Inc.

"Kaddas and Orlando Utilities Commission have had a long-standing relationship. During the year of 2009, we placed an order for Fiber Optics BirdgaurD covers. During the installation, we became concerned that these would not work for us and a design change was needed. After just purchasing over 150 parts, we needed a solution for this. Kaddas was very understanding to our needs and very interested in making things right for our company. They were able to look at a new design that would meet the needs of OUC and provide a more simplified assembly and installation of a BirdgaurD cover for the fiber Optics Conductor. Kaddas helped us by making the efforts very affordable for a new mold and design. We received the new Fiber Optic BirdgaurD for inspection and testing. We were impressed with the design that Kaddas offered to us and we since have installed them and solved the situation. This has turned this into a win, win situation with a form, fit and function for both parties. We are very grateful to Kaddas for their continued support."

Adonis Willis – Senior Engineer
Orlando Utilities Commission

"Here at Trico we had been using a bird guard protection that was not completely effective, and was labor intensive to install. The Linemen were frustrated with the installation procedure. Susanne from Kaddas visited Trico recently, and presented some of the items they had available for raptor protection. Right away we could tell that there was a big difference in their product from what we were using. She gave us some Kaddas Low Profile BirdguarD to try, and the product held true to the claims. As luck would have it the weekend after we installed the BirdguarD we had some very high winds, which lasted most of the weekend. When we returned to the area and the Kaddas BirdguarDs were still in place. The Linemen are very pleased with the ease of installation. They can install the BirdguarD with hot sticks which is a big benefit. The Low Profile BirdguarD fits over different sizes of insulators, so the inventory is reduced in the warehouse and the possibility of the Linemen grabbing the wrong part is eliminated. All in all we are very satisfied with the product and will continue to use it."

Larry Ash
Field Supervisor
Trico Electric Cooperative Inc.


I have attached some photos that were taken today of the Kaddas pin and insulator covers, these were installed about four years ago for trial. I do not see any obvious signs of tracking or deterioration. More importantly, they are still in the air. This is one of our worst case areas for weather, including wind and ice loading, as well as heat."

San Diego Gas and Electric
Paul Alvarado
Construction Standards Administrator
Electric Distribution Engineering

"Here at MCM Engineering, we build custom and OEM medium voltage switchgear. Our jobs consist mainly of high rush quick ship custom gear which leaves us little time for research and buyouts. Protective shields for our insulators and bus have always been a sore spot in the ordering process as we have always had a hard time finding anyone with guards and covers that can fill the needs of our custom equipment. In steps Kaddas Enterprises. By some stroke of luck our ordering dept ran across the Kaddas name this year and got us in touch with them.

We have issues in finding bird caps for arrestors. We told them and immediately within minutes Kaddas jumped on the wagon and started the ball rolling. We had a prototype in 2 days. They were consistent in getting involved with us and their engineers and came up with 4 solutions for us within a week. Whatever it is that we need we now have a supplier that can perform and meet our deadlines. Thanks Kaddas, after a 4 year endeavor of looking for an efficient provider we have finally found one. You’ve found a new customer that’s proud to use your name and equipment!"

Frank Mysliwiec
Project Manager/Designer
MCM Engineering II, Inc.

"Kaddas Enterprises has been a fantastic partner for our company in helping us launch a new product line. Their technical and sales teams are very responsive, professional and helped us develop a fantastic product that has opened new opportunities for us."

Brad B
Product Development